Pilates exercise for beginners

Pilates exercises for beginners

Pilates exercises for beginners

Pilates exercises are series of activities with different positions and postures of the body. These exercises are beneficial for weight loss and for improving physical and mental health. Among the various types of exercises, Pilates is one which strengthens your core. Human body’s core includes abs, obliques, and lower back muscles. These exercises improve and strengthen the core and balance body posture.

Weight loss with beginners

The research about Pilates says that it is very useful for weight loss. A study was conducted in 2017 on 37 obese women between the ages 30 to 50. Researchers made these women involved in Pilates exercises. After eight weeks, they received effective results. There was a prominent decrease in BMI of these women. They were successful in weight loss as well as a decrease in abdomen and hip circumference was also observed.

Equipment required

The major equipment required for these exercises is your mind and your own body. When you are mentally prepared for the exercise and your body is ready to be involved in exercise, then you can do Pilates exercise. Secondly, you need a mat and some hard surface where you use that mat. The padded surface can also be used as a mat if rug is not available. Otherwise, mat on a smooth hard surface is best. Other important Pilates equipment include Pilates reformed, Trapeze Table, Wunda chair, Ladder Barrel etc.

Make your routine

Pilates exercises are good for your health, therefore, you have to make a schedule and stick to the routine, otherwise you will not be getting required results. Morning time is best for exercise because at that time, your mind is fresh. So, set the schedule and then make a plan for exercise. You can also join good pilates centre to keep your routine.

Must do things for beginners

Warm-up exercises are essential for beginners. These exercises mould up the body to withstand the changing position during the next exercises. For safety, warm-up exercises are crucial; therefore, the first step of Pilates exercises for beginners is “warm-up exercise”.

Things to do after warm-up days

Ab Scoop

For beginners, after warm-up exercises, comes the Ab scoop. Ab Scoop is the position in which you lifts your chest upside. Pull the abdomen downside and chest upside. Control your breath and smoothly curl your body up by lifting your head upwards.

The hundred

As a beginner, take the second step, “The hundred”. Don’t put the entire burden on shoulders and neck. Use your breathing capacity for this exercise. Pull your abdomen deeply inside and lay on your back. Pull your head upwards and touch the ground with your hands a hundred times.

The roll-up

The third step, for beginners, is “The roll-up” Use your abdominal to roll your body up and down. Control your legs and straight up your arms. Move your head forward by keeping your abdomen inside.



In short, Pilates is all about control. If you have a control on your body movements and breathing, you will enjoy the Pilates exercise and will see its effects in days. Taking stress about weight loss isn’t a solution; just start Pilates from now. You can perform the above-mentioned exercise at home, but it is better to join some good Pilates Center. Because they will guide you to perform your exercises accurately as well as they will guide you to set your diet plan. There is a series of Pilates exercises, all with specific benefits.

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